Aviation Weather Information
  • USAF Weather Support Critique
    This is a critique form that can be filled out when there are concerns or issues that come up with USAF weather support. The critique allows you to put information in so that details can be addressed to the appropriate USAF weather OPR for follow up, so please provide that information. When the critique is complete follow the instructions of the critique. Remember, the more timely the report is sent out in relationship to the actual time the problem has taken place, the better the problem can be addressed.
  • USAF Weather
  • Joint Environment Toolkit (JET) Update
    USAF Operational Weather Squadron (OWS) AOR maps
    Around the world Operational Weather Squadrons (OWS) are the second tier of the USAF organizational sttructure. The OWS is responsible for producing and disseminating mission planning and execution weather analyses, forcasts, and briefings for US Air Force, US Army, US Air National Guard, US Army National Guard, and US Army and USAF Reserve forces operating around the world.
    This map shows the geographical location for all the USAF OWS support Areas of Responsibility (AOR). Check the Flight Information Handbook (FIH) under SECTION C, METEOROLOGICAL INFORMATION, for a complete list of contact information for these sites.
  • CONUS AOR map
  • OCONUS AOR map
Last Updated: 21 May 2020