• Evaluate Airfield Criteria / Process Engineering Waivers
  • Represent Army on Joint FLIP Coordinating Committee (FCC)
  • Represent Army on Digital Working Group (DWG)
  • Represent Army on Vertical Obstruction Working Group (VOWG)
  • Review and Process Flight Information List (FIL)
  • Lead for Army Aviation Weather Policy
  • Edit and Publish Flight Information Bulletin>
  • Army member on DOD PBFA Airports Subgroup
  • Manage Army Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) Program
  • Coordinate on Global Air Traffic Management
  • Lead for Joint Civilian-Military Use of Army Airfields
  • Lead for AR 95-2 (Airspace, Airfields/Heliports, Flight Activities, Air Traffic Control, and Navigational Aids)
  • Lead for AR 95-10 (Department of Defense Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) System)
  • Facilitate AAF/AHP Functional Proponency
  • Manage AAF/AHP MDEP
Last Updated: 30 Sep 2020